Welcome!  The Food Enterprise and Economic Development (FEED) Kitchens is a project of the Northside Planning Council of Madison, Wisconsin (USA).  The FEED facility includes five commercial kitchens, with specialized equipment for baking, produce preparation and processing, deli prep and meat processing. The facility is available for rent so that food businesses, nonprofit organizations, vocational training programs and individuals seeking to prepare food to sell to the public have a legal place to prepare their food. [more …]

COVID-19 Updates

As an essential business, we are constantly assessing and adjusting our policies as needed to keep our staff and members safe.

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We launched FEED To Go in March to respond to COVID-19, delivering free meals prepared by our member businesses to community sites across Madison.

While we’re social distancing, you can connect with some of our members through a food delivery program in partnership with MarketReady and Christine’s Kitchens.

Please contact FEED Kitchens manager Chris Brockel with any questions about kitchen use for essential food businesses.

Now, more than ever, we are grateful for the ways that people are supporting each other and creating community through food.

Read about how the Northside Planning Council and its programs, including FEED Kitchens, are responding to the outbreak on the NPC blog.

FEED Kitchens is getting ready to launch round 2 of FEED To Go. For every $7 donated we pay a chef here at FEED Kitchens to prepare a meal that gets immediately distributed to someone in need. Unfortunately the pandemic is going as strong as ever, and families are struggling to provide basic essentials such as food. Donate today through our GoFundMe fundraiser by clicking on the donate button below.